Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Adventurers.

The Pessimist and the Optimist.

Hawkeye can spot an adventure from 40 yards, but ol' Bread-Bag never wants anything to do with it. That is until they get there. This is usually around the time when Bread-Bag finds true love and the adventure turns out to be nothing like poor Hawkeye had envisioned for THE ADVENTURERS.

Please write some adventures for the adventurers in the comments section.

Night Life.

this guy saw bat-man taking a break.

a page from my sketchbook.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Wintersleep Video

This is a video i did storyboards and backgrounds for and mirco chen animated and directed. The story was written by wintersleep. check it out and spread it around.


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

sketchbook 2006

this is a sketchbook i was given for xmas this year and started early in the new year. i washed most of the pages with watercolors and drew over them with markers and pens.

sometimes i draw on envelopes.

dunk masters.



lost in the woods.


backwoods player hater of the year 1986.

the one and only.

toothpaste tea break.

shoe theif.

tall young man with dr. superior power inc.


steamed milk.

dance party!

crew cut corn beef.

sketchbook 2005

this is the book for 2005. It's mostly filled with pen and marker drawings and a couple of pencil drawings here and there.

a fine young lady.

look at the truck on this guy.

left overs.


Super Steve!!

Short-Arms, Long Legs!!!


Professor lobster back and the sticky burr master.

Privite Detective shooting things up.

Collectors Item with spelling mistake.

Lil' Mirco going off to work.

I went to life drawing once.

My Bobcat is always airing out his balls.

Old school street baller.

a successful little Moustache in the wintertime.

Amazing Jumping Skills.

ol' red haired freckle face.

more faces.

smoked meat stiff arms.

This boy doesn't like tea.

cut and pastey.

shit steak and eggs.


old blues guys.

creamed corn with no hair.

Funtime Book nov.23 to nov.26 2005

This is a 2 dollar, 96 page book of construction paper i filled with characters using mr. sketch scented markers. i felt like a kid again drawing in this thing.