Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Adventurers.

The Pessimist and the Optimist.

Hawkeye can spot an adventure from 40 yards, but ol' Bread-Bag never wants anything to do with it. That is until they get there. This is usually around the time when Bread-Bag finds true love and the adventure turns out to be nothing like poor Hawkeye had envisioned for THE ADVENTURERS.

Please write some adventures for the adventurers in the comments section.


Mirco said...

Holy crow! Thats great. I really like the hanging stars and hearts with the title.
They should become race car drivers. The first to drive formula one cars in a Nascar event. Then Bread Bag can fall in love with Nicole Kidman the actress.And maybe then they can get haircuts.

scott said...

haircuts would be amazing...after seeing barbershop 2 hawkeye thinks it will be amazing to hangout in a barbershop and get haircuts... bread bag hasn't had a haircut since 83'(that's why he has his hold up so tight)so he's not really into it but he falls in true love with Queen Latifah and hawkeye ends up with flat-top Will Smith haircut with lines on the side and a Billy Ray Cyruss mullet that starts right at the bottom of his hairline. Hawkeye hates the babershop but Bread-Bag becomes part of the crew with the Queen Latifah on by his side.

Stephanie N said...

Some things I would like to see them do:
go on safari
go on a trip to the moon
a road trip to Cape Breton
attacked by hungry beavers

Curtis said...

They could become contractors, intalling ceilings, and doors, and what, in aneffort to raise money to see the big G-unit show over at the savoy theatre.
and Bread-bag falls in love with an old bucket while they're replacing some old lady's toilet. But hawk-eye get so involved in trying to explain to bread bag that his girl friend is just a bucket, while trying to do a good job. they complety loose track of time and miss the concert.
That old lady turn's out to be Fittys grand moms. and the entire g-unit come by to see her and The adventures help the Unit win a basket ball game againt the land-lords (a team made up by the old lady's land lord)
and save the old people complex.

What an adventure

Mirco said...

Something about imagining ice cube in barbersop pronouncing "Bread-bag" makes me laugh.
Also after reading Curtis's post I think one adventure should be in pimp'in. Bread-bag will fall in love with the merchindise, and blow all there chedder.

scott said...