Tuesday, February 21, 2006

sketchbook 2005

this is the book for 2005. It's mostly filled with pen and marker drawings and a couple of pencil drawings here and there.

a fine young lady.

look at the truck on this guy.

left overs.


Super Steve!!

Short-Arms, Long Legs!!!


Professor lobster back and the sticky burr master.

Privite Detective shooting things up.

Collectors Item with spelling mistake.

Lil' Mirco going off to work.

I went to life drawing once.

My Bobcat is always airing out his balls.

Old school street baller.

a successful little Moustache in the wintertime.

Amazing Jumping Skills.

ol' red haired freckle face.

more faces.

smoked meat stiff arms.

This boy doesn't like tea.

cut and pastey.

shit steak and eggs.


old blues guys.

creamed corn with no hair.


Curtis said...

That alot of scanning

Fitz Ambrose said...

ill. my mans has ideas and thought processes like no other. sees the world in such a creative way its mind boggeling. personally i have seen the evolution of the craft backed by nothing but raw natural talent and the ability to shape the world into his own perspective. this dude has something really special and its only a matter of time befor all yall really understand the gift he has. peace and bless to my mans and all the other positive/progressive thinkers/dooers out there. never stop dreaming....

hobo divine said...