Tuesday, February 21, 2006

sketchbook 2006

this is a sketchbook i was given for xmas this year and started early in the new year. i washed most of the pages with watercolors and drew over them with markers and pens.

sometimes i draw on envelopes.

dunk masters.



lost in the woods.


backwoods player hater of the year 1986.

the one and only.

toothpaste tea break.

shoe theif.

tall young man with dr. superior power inc.


steamed milk.

dance party!

crew cut corn beef.


Nealobus said...

Exceptional work! Extremely dynamic and expressive characatures (sp). I'm sure you are doing something with this, aside from posting them on the internets...

Please tell me you are doing something aside from posting these on the interweb.

Curtis said...

Those names just get better! and better! I love the pages fompletly full of snowsuit kids.

I agree with Nealobus:
Get a job! ya' dirt!


SteveLambe said...

Freak is super fun. Super loose and appealing sketches,Scott. Glad Travis showed me your blog.

Stephanie N said...

If I was high right now, I think my brain would have exploded. :)
Love the snowsuit kid-he cracks me up. :)

hobo divine said...