Monday, March 06, 2006

This aint' no tabby.

i found an old picture frame that needed filling the other day. i wasn't sure what i was going to fill it with until i seen 3 cats on Lou Romano's blog. Im not one to draw cats or straight up steal other people's work but i really loved these designs and the painting style. So i decided to try and apply the style and over all look to my own cat. Even though i'd get a big fat zero for originality it was fun to try to recreate the painting style and is for personal use only. Thanks Lou Romano.

PS....i just seen local halifax celebrity/hero/icon ... PATRICK ... from the Great Wall walking down my street. It was amazing.


Mirco said...

Very nice. I like the wallpaper behind him. I think i'd like to see a patrick done in this style as well.

Stephanie N said...

EEE! I LOVE it! It's too cute!
And I have seen Patrick at my door-delivering yummy chinese food! Beat that! :)

Curtis said...

I once had Patrick pour water for me.
it was the best day of my life.

I love the the cat and would also like to see a patrick in that style.

scott said... patrick coming up!

Ron said...

Love the style, now do a rear shot, with the tail up.

artjunkie_mgh said...

that cat is awesome. don't dis trying to emulate someone else's technique... i find you learn alot by 'studying' artists you admire. take me for example, i just copy other people's art and take credit for it! LOL

scott said...

yeah i agree..i definitly learned some new going to try and do up a quick patrick today.