Friday, April 28, 2006


I asked for salami on my sandwich today instead of roast beef...the girl making the sandwich was stunned by this...then asked me " what do have against roast beef? I said" It's nothing personally against roast beef, I just like salami". Then I think she slipped a small piece of roast beef in there thinking i wouldn't notice. I'm not 100% on that,but I think I did get banned for 6 months though.

Quick sketch on some scrap paper at work today.


Mirco said...

Where did you go? You should go back and demand salami everyday. Like in Munich.

scott said...

it was a new deli called " as you like it". so i thought i could get my sandwich as i like it but it made things pretty complicated ... that deli is pretty awesome though.

james_william_walsh said...

nice scott,,
this character is SWEET. very inspiring stuff.

Anonymous said...

i dont get it