Tuesday, December 12, 2006


facts of life...even superheros go through puberty.

give me that candy, FATSO!!! (freddy's got himself his first friend)

through the legs with style and grace, I can rock this mic into outter space.

making the letter C.

making the letter Z.


Mirco said...

"C" and "Z" are my favourite.

Tara said...

dude your super heros shoes are upside down, that just creepy!! and holy crap Zz was playing mind tricks on me, i was like 'is that a really skinny guy holding a stick with his feet??? is he smoking inscence?what is that stick for?' haha but i get it now.....i get it....no really.

Tara said...

oh and everything looks awsome, very phat! i like the making of 'C' very conceptual!

Nikki said...

The rockin' out guy is fantastic!!