Monday, June 18, 2007

Skateboard Art Auction

This is a skateboard I painted for the Halifax Skatepark Coalition's Skateboard Art Auction. People make art out of blank skate decks then the decks are shown and auctioned off to support the skatepark.

Yetis of the World UNITE!

Quick Color Test in Flash.


Mock Up in Alias Sketchbook.

Friday June 22nd
Argyle Fine Art Gallery
1869 Upper Water Street
6pm Opening
7pm Live Auction
Drinks & Snacks
Live Jazz
Raffle Prizes!
Online Gallery


Anne-Renée said...

Your deck looks fantastic. I bet it will do super well in the auction. It's cool that you hand painted it. You're neat.

Rob Barrett said...

I like your yeti Scott. Kind looks like The Tuft. ;)

Mirco said...

Awesome. Thats one cool Yeti.

Tara said...

Hey that looks awsome!!!

scott vanden bosch said...

really dig that yeti board and your work is hot man ..

Anonymous said...

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