Wednesday, November 07, 2007

JIB JAB - Sendables

Back in June I was asked to contribute illustrations to JibJab's Sendables product line."It’s a great collection of illustrated, animated, and live-action/puppet greetings that’s entirely artist-driven and more fun than your usual eCard site."-Drawn. This is a very cool project and worth a look.


Mirco said...

Those cards are amazing. I like that halloween one below as well. That poor kid roboy. did he get caught up in vancovers gang war?

Anne-Renée said...

I love the "You Rock" one.

Chris Lowe said...

Fantastic. I just discovered you through Drawn. I now realize I saw your Wintersleep animation at the 2005 Atlantic Film Fest. Very cool to see an artist from NS doing so well.