Thursday, November 22, 2007

Pour Some Liquor Out

This Sasquatch has seen too many of his bros die too soon.

Last night I took Level 1 Screen Printing at Blim. "Blim is a Community Based Art Resource Center which facilitates screen-printing, button making, drawing, knitting, local experimental audio, film screenings, animation, video, dance, spoken word, visual art, creative workshops, and crafts in the independent field". - Blim.

I did this piece espeacially for the workshop and was hoping to sell some prints afterwards for $30, but they didn't turn out as great as I would have hoped. Not bad for a first try though. I have 8 prints that turned out decently, so if you want one for $15 email me at . First come, first serve basis.

Limited Edition Screen Prints.
Water based Ink on 90 lbs Rag Paper
8x10 inches


Thorsten Hasenkamm said...

Looks great!

Anonymous said...

Looks nice dude.. and although you've never left any comments on my blog before, i'll leave this one more comment on here just to be nice.

Its funny, your graphic style kinda looks like my Flash design work. I also took a class in screening lately and loved it. You really get a "mass production" sense to your art doesn't it?


libra bear said...

Your work is incredible, The style is great, I love this character, specially the length of his arms, I'm coming back here, Thanks for stopping by my Blog by the way.

Wynne Chen said...

Thanks for exchange the Gocco card with me. I had fun at the workshop too. How do you like silk screen class? Gocco? or Silk screen?
I am thinking of buying Gocco kit myself.

The image I used was drawn by my friend Mike.
I enjoy ur blog and ur cute drawings:)

Anonymous said...

I like it better in the black and white version but it's a sweet print. Love your design sense.

Hobo Divine said...

It's on a, ah first come, first serve basis
Coolin out girl, take you to the def places
One of a kind and for your people's delight

Your print making is like kid...