Monday, April 20, 2009

Screening Calls




Mirco said...

these are really looking amazing. the colours and poses are fantastic. I love how that guy is screening his beer.

RAWLS said...

Please put all of these in a book, and make a million dollars, and then give me some money for thinking of the idea.

smac said...

haha...i really hope!

SteveLambe said...

I'm really enjoying "those dudes'.

Curtis said...

"these dudes" are killing me! they're so full of classic Scott funitude!

And that Mirco from a few weeks back... Priceless. I can just picture him standing, and existing. hehe that's Mirco for you, Ol' Standy McExisto.

Hobo Divine said...

I love these dudes!
Anchor Booze,
Kicked in Faces,
Perfect Hair
5'o clock shadow
casting no shadows!
It's like an opening credit to a Tarantino Film that hasn't been made yet.

Anonymous said...