Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Charlotte Street Kat Walker

When I was home in Sydney last month I heard a tale of a dude who only rides his bike in the "Kat Walk" position. Up and Down the main streets of downtown, on the sidewalks, dodging tourists with ease all summer long.


Pasquale said...

Haha, what a showoff

RAWLS said...

His front tire would always be new!

Mirco said...

awesome,I bet as soon as he gets off that bike he punches a guy in the face.
hey are you in hali now?

Jason Curtis said...

I love his cut-off jean shorts and sport socks...too funny.

Great stuff Scott.

Kyle Marshall said...

ahahah so cool!...jealous of your wicked-ass style!

Hobo Divine said...

Wheelie coool
Wheelie coool
This drawing is
Wheelie coool


Emmanuelle.Walker said...

I just stumbled upon your blog, and I must say I really like your little characters!

Anonymous said...

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Paul said...

KickASS Scotty!!