Monday, December 13, 2010

Ol' Pale Horse 2,3,4 and 5

You can easily notice Ol' Pale Horse looks slightly different in each comic along with changes in style. It's probably because I just rough out each comic and ink and color it from memory without really worrying about staying on model too much. I'm just kinda playing around with him at the moment and letting him evolve on his own without trying to force it too much. I also added a cat recently to keep him company. Who knows where this will go either. I really don't put much thought into these. I just start doodling and things happen on there own from panel to panel. Also if your a fan of The Supervillains site and like drawing comics (doesn't matter what your skill level is) there is a post about how you can submit your comics for the Saturday and Sunday slots. Just click on the button that says "Send in your Comics" on the upper right side of the page when you get over there.


Mickey Quinn said...

I got quite a kick out of these pages.

would you mind if my comics zine ( gave supervillian's sat/sun slot openings a shout-out?

smac said...

Hi Mickey, By all means spread the word!