Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ol' Pale Horse X Nobrow 6

Launch Party
I'm really excited to be able to share my submission for Nobrow 6 which launched a few weeks ago. Ol' Pale Horse makes his print debut in this issue where Nobrow asked over 60 artists to contribute work to the theme of Doubles or Doppelgangers. This issue is seriously incredible and I highly recommend picking it up. (along with everything else these guys are putting out!)

The first image is of the original artwork I sent them and I how I envisioned the color. The second photo is what it looks like in the actual issue. I'm really liking the orange they chose. It really pops and doesn't feel as depressing as the blueish grey I chose. And the last two images are from the launch party they threw and were pulled off the blog 8 and 2. You can find more pics here and a great little video of the night here.


Mirco said...

looks fantastic!

A-R Dumont said...

Woah sweet! You got published! A two pager no less. I like when the barber sweeps up one single hair from the floor. The ending I find sad! I like a good sad ending.

Just wanted to point out panel #4, which is SMAC in 20 years. And also panel #6 which is a current SMAC casually walking away.

Anonymous said...


Eric said...

Oh wow! Well done....