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Lone Wolf doing Stuff Alone.

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Ol' Pale Horse - Silent Butt Deadly

Ol’ Pale Horse has been very silent these days, but he’s not dead yet!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Local Connections Halifax Magazine

The first Issue of Local Connections Halifax hit the stands in Halifax yesterday and has 3 of my illustrations in it! Congrats to everyone involved in a very successful first issue. This magazine is looking great and is packed with fantastic articles on the local business community and life in Halifax. I was particularly excited to work on these illustrations because I was given free reign to do whatever I wanted and work completely in my own style. I had a lot of fun with this batch and can't wait to get started on the next issue.

Illustration for an article on the Importance of Networking

Illustration for an article on Social Media and Community

Illustration for an article on Managing Stress with a Healthy Lifestyle

I gave the magazine to my test audience, Olive Oyl, and she approved with a giant sized "Wile E. Coyote" laugh.

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A Few Dudes for Charity

I had this piece on display at Local Source Market this past week during a magazine experience party for a new local business magazine featuring the owner. It was my contribution to a silent art auction for charity during the event. The magazine is called Local Connections Halifax and officially launches mid April and will have three of my illustrations in it!

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Partay Peeples

More of tonight's doodlin'.

Smokers Delight

Had time for a little doodlin' tonight.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Derrick "Wheels" Wheeler

Like most Canadian kids I grew up watching and loving the original Degrassi series so I did this little drawing of Wheels after hearing that actor, Neil Hope, who played him died.

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I've been putting some doodles and quick drawings up over on a tumblr page.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ol' Pale Horse X Nobrow 6

Launch Party
I'm really excited to be able to share my submission for Nobrow 6 which launched a few weeks ago. Ol' Pale Horse makes his print debut in this issue where Nobrow asked over 60 artists to contribute work to the theme of Doubles or Doppelgangers. This issue is seriously incredible and I highly recommend picking it up. (along with everything else these guys are putting out!)

The first image is of the original artwork I sent them and I how I envisioned the color. The second photo is what it looks like in the actual issue. I'm really liking the orange they chose. It really pops and doesn't feel as depressing as the blueish grey I chose. And the last two images are from the launch party they threw and were pulled off the blog 8 and 2. You can find more pics here and a great little video of the night here.